Single-serve liquor a go with takeout, delivery

Grabbing a packaged single glass of wine or draft beer with takeout, or having it delivered with a meal when ordering in, is now possible as B.C. opens another revenue-generating option for licensed restaurants and pubs.

Effective Friday, Oct. 29, 2021, B.C.’s liquor- and food-primary liquor licensees will be permitted to package and sell unmixed drinks for takeout or delivery with the purchase of a meal, such as a glass of wine, cider or draft beer, or an unmixed ounce of a spirit. The change responds to industry feedback from the Business Technical Advisory Panel and has the support of industry manufacturers following extensive consultation.

This additional choice for consumers builds on other measures government has approved in recent months to benefit approximately 2,000 liquor-primary and 6,000 food-primary licensees in B.C. Notably, they can already sell full bottles of wine and spirits as well as mixed drinks packaged in single servings for takeout and delivery with the purchase of a meal.

This change can also help limit health impacts associated with increased consumption, as a patron has the option to buy a single serving instead of a full bottle of wine or spirit.