The Swype Branded Mobile App

Engage with your customers while improving operational efficiency

Keep your brand top-of-mind while offering convenience to your customers. Provide better service while lowering your costs. The Swype branded app offers loyalty, payments, gift and ordering, all from one fully integrated app. The app is modular, so you can choose any or all of the features to match you needs.


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Fully integrated with SwypePOS, the app eliminates time consuming re-entry of orders, errors and lost orders. Menu and price changes are automatically updated from SwypePOS to the app.

How it works:

Table Service: customers scan a barcode on their table using the app, and then order from their phone.


Quick Service: customers can order in advance of arrival and pick up immediately. App users automatically receive their rewards or discounts when they order. Customers can pay for the order from the app or pay on pick-up.


Orders are sent to SwypePOS and delivered direct to prep or held (with notification) for review by staff and then forwarded for prep.


Customers can pay through the app, either with a registered credit card or from their gift card balance.


Table Service: No waiting for the server to arrive to process payment. Customers can scan a QR code on their bill, view the bill details, and make payment; your servers can focus on serving new customers. Tables will turn faster.


Quick Service: Customers pay in advance when they order. This reduces line ups, eliminates cash handling, and simplifies the pick-up and delivery process.


Includes tip functionality.


Includes gift card purchase, top up and email gift to a friend.


Tokenized credit card payment for complete security and convenience.


Payment status is displayed in SwypePOS so server/cashier knows who is paid.

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Members log in via QR Code or choose location through the app Logged in customers are registered and displayed by the SwypePOS as onsite.

Table Service: Display a QR code for each table and allow members to scan can to automatically receive rewards and discounts. Servers no longer have to return to the POS to enter a loyalty number or card.


Quick Service: Scan on payment to collect points or redeem value

Members can see the discounts and rewards they accumulate through the app.

Option to send members notices and special offers direct through the app or by email


Customers can pay through the app, either with a registered credit card or from their gift card balance.

Use the account to check points, purchase or reload gift cards, attach or apply for a loyalty membership.

App users can view the history of all their orders from all locations.

Attach and remove credit cards from the app. Credit card information is securely stored as a token by the processor. No credit card information is stored on the device.

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