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Whether you’re looking for a high-level information at a glance, or drilling down into the details, get the insight you need.

Expertly leverage your data to get and stay on target

The data from your Swype system can be used in many different ways; whether its identifying problems, finding out who your most loyal customers are, or making sure you have the right product mix. Swype’s decades of experience in working with operators has allowed us to create an effective set of reporting tools and analytics



Real time dashboard for an at-a-glance window into your locations’ performance.

Current daily sales volume by dollar amount and unit sales.

Breakdown by category.

Top selling items.

Weekly sales trend by location.


Set-up multiple customer groups.

Track visits and sales volume by customer and customer group.

Analyse online versus in store sales by date and by hour of the day.

Loyalty points balance, accumulation and redemption.

Gift card sales, reload and redemption tracking.

pos system report


Track the number of voids/returns by server/cashier for any date range.

Track the discount dollar volume by server/cashier for any date range.

Track price change history by employee.

Open drawer report by employee and time of day.

Track table transfers by employee and time of day.


Built-in time clock functionality with work hours reporting.

Hourly sales reporting for optimizing workflow and resources.

Item sales history for any date range, reportable by unit sales or amount.

Analyse the effectiveness of event and item specials on volume and profit.

For chains, reports by individual location, consolidated or comparative.

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