Save money, time and resources with an online and self ordering system

Have a competitive advantage and streamline operations

We offer one of the most complete set of self-order options available in the hospitality marketplace. From kiosks to branded apps, we’ve got your needs covered.

In a world where people are busier, everybody is connected by their phone. Why not leverage this by letting the customer use their device to order.


online ordering and self service pos


When the customer arrives at your restaurant. They scan a QR code prominently displayed at the entrance and are taken directly to your online ordering site, where they can place order and pay without lining up. The advantages of a kiosk without the cost and real estate.


When the customer is seated, the customer scans a QR code on their table and places their order by smartphone. The order goes to SwypePOS where it can be reviewed before sending to the kitchen. Customers can order at their own speed and receive their food more quickly. Tables turn faster with less staff.

self ordering


Traditional online ordering either by branded app or by web link. Order ahead, either for pick-up, delivery or dine in. Orders can go straight to the kitchen printer for preparation or can be reviewed in SwypePOS for accuracy before submitting.


Intuitive self-order interface for kiosk screens, with or without payment at the kiosk. Allows customers to take their time without holding up the line.

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