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SwypePOS simplifies your restaurant management

It all starts inside your operation, making sure orders get to prep quickly and reliably. At its core, SwypePOS directs orders to the kitchen, makes sure you get paid for them, and tells you how you are doing.

Branded Apps

Swype apps are branded for your organization to increase customer engagement, both inside and outside the walls of your business. Merge any combination of self-ordering, online ordering, payments, gift or loyalty features into an app branded just for you. Fully integrated to SwypePOS, the apps increase efficiency and reduce cost.

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Self-order and online order

SwypePOS self-ordering solutions give your customers the flexibility they expect. Self-ordering can be a terminal-based kiosk solution or it can utilize the customer’s personal device to quickly access menus and let them order directly from their smartphone. Self-ordering can be used in both quick service (queue jumping) and table service environments.

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Point of sale

For over 35 years, we have honed our core restaurant management capabilities to cover all aspects of restaurant operations.Everything you will need, now and in the future.

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