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Online Ordering that is fully integrated with Swype POS

Let your customers order anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly integrate all your order sources directly from your kitchen: our online ordering system works to your advantage.

Restaurant online ordering presents an opportunity to increase sales and improve customer engagement in an increasingly digital world. People are busier, spend more time on mobile devices, and are more likely to engage with a business with an online presence.

restaurant online ordering system


Our system allows personal device ordering with a quick QR code link or through a branded app.

Eliminate errors, misplaced or dropped orders caused by multiple entry points.

Reduce the number of cashiers required while increasing orders.

The integrated online payments system reduces cash handling.

Increase average ticket by up to 15% and engage loyal customers.

Orders can go straight to the kitchen printer for preparation, or can be reviewed for accuracy before submitting.

online ordering for restaurants


SwypePOS’ cloud-based POS system is a superfast, intuitive iOS user interface. It gives you cloud-based management and reporting from any device. Here’s what you can do:


Pre-program all your combos, meal deals and daily specials.


Integrated kitchen display or kitchen printers or both.


Fast tap and go integrated payments.


Prepaid (gift card) solutions by card or app.


Integrate points and awards by card or app.


View daily, weekly, monthly, day type, or specific sales data.


Compare data across locations, make better business decisions.

restaurant ordering system


Tap and go payments, including Apple Pay.

Automatic recognition of card type, prompt for call in if the processor circuit is down, prompt to complete pending or voice authorized transactions at daily close, and reversal on reopening bill for adjustments and voids.

Fully encrypted, no-track two card data stored, simplified PCI requirements.

Our easy to implement POS system will help you increase your mobile business while saving time and money.

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