2 Things That Will Help Your Restaurant Under Covid Restrictions

Here in Vancouver, SwypePOS’s home, covid cases are on the rise again. Therefore, restrictions for businesses are becoming stricter in order to slow down the spread. Just like many other cities and regions around the world.


Especially for the restaurant industry, the impact of rising cases and subsequent tight restrictions can be very devastating. Restaurants no doubt have had to make drastic changes in their operations on a daily basis to keep the doors open.

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Having been working with the industry for so many years, we understand the struggles and know what we can do to help businesses during these difficult times. We fully realize the changes needed for a restaurant to thrive through this pandemic. That is why we now offer online ordering and contact tracing as a way to support our clients!

Are you curious about what both online ordering and contact tracing entail? We are here to answer your questions!

1. Online Ordering (OLO)

Lots of restaurants now offer delivery and OLO through third-party entities. They are certainly a great way to increase overall sales while providing sweet convenience to your customers. However, sometimes customers may not want to pay all the fees (i.e. service and delivery fees) that are added to their take-out bill. While these apps are easy and convenient, at times it can be quite expensive. Not to mention most of these companies charge a percentage of every order you receive, regardless of it is a pick-up or delivery order. Depending on the number of orders you get, this can become quite costly.

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An excellent way to avoid all these costs is to have your own OLO platform. This way, your customers can order online with a few taps on their devices and pick up with no line, no fees. The absence of a middle lets you have full control of your platform and keeps your costs down. SwypePOS’s online ordering is monthly-subscription-based. It is a very affordable option for restaurants that realize a need for such a function.

When you sign up for our OLO, you will get a mobile and desktop friendly website that is made with your branding and colors. We also offer a customized and branded app as an additional option for you to consider.

For SwypePOS system users, this function is fully integrated. That means any orders received are directly sent to the POS. There’s no need to manually punch in an order which makes your operations even easier! If you currently use other POS systems, all you need is a smart device to receive orders. Then the next thing you do will be entering the order by hand.


Nowadays, contact tracing in restaurants is required by law in many cities. We realize that it is an extra step for your staff. What if we say we can help with taking away that extra step while you still fulfill your duty as a restaurant owner?

SwypePOS introduces a new contact tracing service that will help you with that! This allows your customers to easily scan a QR code at your restaurant and be taken to a portal to enter their contact information. This QR code is unique to your location and should be placed at the entrance. All data received is stored in our system for 30 days. In the case of an outbreak, we will notify you immediately. This way you don’t have to worry about keeping paper records of your patrons and sorting through the information.

Sounds great? It’s going to sound even better when we say we’re offering this service for FREE for a limited time, right? Contact us NOWto get yours for free!

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