You no longer need to show proof of vaccination to enter places like restaurants, pubs, movie theaters, and other indoor venues in B.C. The B.C Vaccine Card requirement was lifted as of Friday (April 8th 2022) as part of the province’s rolling COVID-19 recovery plan.

Also in effect at the same time: post-secondary school residencies will no longer require proof of vaccination, while businesses will transition from COVID-19 safety plans to communicable disease plans.

The BC Vaccine Card program was in place Sept. 13, 2021 and required anyone who wanted to attend movies, restaurants and other indoor spaces to show proof that B.C. residents have received a minimum of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

While the BC Vaccine Card will no longer be mandated under a public health order, Henry indicated that does not mean it will disappear from use entirely in the province.

Henry indicated Tuesday that the province is also seeing a decreased risk of serious illness and/or hospitalization with infection, as well as high levels of antibodies both from vaccination and prior infection.

“There is no magic moment to lift restrictions. There’s no amount of delaying that will make it absolutely safe all the time, and we need to find this balance and I believe as we are transitioning through this, we have the tools that we know will work.” BC provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said on Tuesday.

However, the owner of Crossroads Brewing and Distilling in Prince George said he would like to continue using the vaccine passport program at least until the end of April.

“I think there will be a bit of an uptick in unvaccinated people getting the virus and it’s important to keep our patrons safe and to come to a place knowing that everybody is vaccinated in that place.” Leiski said. “ I might lose some patrons but I think for the community.”

Individual businesses and event organizers may continue to require proof of vaccination for entry to their premises.

It’s important that we respect the choices of people, businesses and one another.