Why having your own online ordering app is a win for your restaurant

At SwypePOS, we care about our clients’ success. We are constantly updating and improving our products to match the current market needs. Since the pandemic, online ordering has become a very important part of operations for many restaurants. It is crucial for many businesses to stay open throughout lockdowns and reduced social gatherings. Most restaurants nowadays are using third-party platforms to cater to this need for being online. There are many advantages to this method. However, we can think of a few ways that having your own online ordering website/app is beneficial to your restaurant, in addition to third party platforms.

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online ordering mobile app

With hundreds to thousands of listings on third party platforms, your listing may be lost among the big sea of competitors. By having your own ordering platform, you can ensure your fans know where to go when they’re hungry for your restaurant’s offering. They can go directly to you, order and pay with a few simple taps, and pick up when it’s ready! Our online ordering platform is built with your own branding as well which can help you increase brand awareness!


With our online ordering, you pocket 100% of your orders. We don’t take a percentage off of every order you get. All you need to do is pay an affordable monthly fee and you’re good to go!


When your customers order for pickup on your own online ordering platform, they don’t need to pay a service fee. This makes it more enticing for them to use your platform over a third party option.

How does that sound? Interested to learn more? Go to online ordering and branded mobile app to get more details! Ready to get your own online ordering platform today? Contact us now and we can get you set up!

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