Why having your own online ordering app is a win for your restaurant

At SwypePOS, we care about our clients’ success. We are constantly updating and improving our products to match the current market needs. Since the pandemic, online ordering has become a very important part of operations for many restaurants. It is crucial for many businesses to stay open throughout lockdowns and reduced social gatherings. Most restaurants […]

2 Things That Will Help Your Restaurant Under Covid Restrictions

contact tracing app

Here in Vancouver, SwypePOS’s home, covid cases are on the rise again. Therefore, restrictions for businesses are becoming stricter in order to slow down the spread. Just like many other cities and regions around the world. Especially for the restaurant industry, the impact of rising cases and subsequent tight restrictions can be very devastating. Restaurants […]

WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay at your restaurant. Is it worth it?

wechat alipay unionpay pos

With the market diversifying every day, a business is required to keep its practices up-to-standards to fit the current market environment. If you operate your business in a highly culturally diverse city or country, you might want to check out a new form of payment that has risen from China and has been implemented in […]

Top 10 things a POS system should do for your restaurant.

Most restaurants nowadays will have a POS system. It is an essential part of the operation to keep a business successful as it can take care of a lot of the grunt work.     What is a POS system? POS, short for “point-of-sales”, is a software that allows you to optimize your restaurant management. […]